sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012


CATHOLICISME: FALSA IRMÃ LUCIA: FALSA IRMÃ LUCIA  As pessoas estão sempre subestimando a inteligência dos outros. A Igreja Católica possui uma história milenar, e ela é r...

quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2012

“Quem tem esperança sabe que nenhuma tristeza é eterna.
Sabe que, após a chuva, virá o Sol;
que amanhã será outro dia, cheio de surpresas e de boas novidades.”
Hugo Schlesinger

Posted @Galactic

You enter another month, and look back and see how time has passed so quickly. During that period you have as Lightworkers done so much to lift the levels of consciousness, and a grand awakening is taking place. It is a great achievement against the background of the efforts of the Illuminati to distract you and create fear. You have not seen extensive arrests take place as expected, but nevertheless all the changes previously spoken about are proceeding. The delays have shown how much you have learnt, by keeping your focus upon the more important matters concerning your own evolution. It is not selfish to think about self, as no one else can prepare you for Ascension, although you can find plenty of advice.